Banana Boat Tours

An ideal summer day in Fort Lauderdale should absolutely involve water, sun, and adventure. Hop aboard a banana boat from American Watersports to experience just that with five of your friends. See the ocean like never before by taking a banana boat ride to explore Wahoo Bay or the Hillsboro Lighthouse, and tell the humidity to take a hike. Call us today at (954) 946-1811 to set up your banana boat tour and ride.

Fort Lauderdale Banana Boat Tours

Banana Boat Rides

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We now offer an assortment of banana boat rides that range from a standard 15-20 minute tour of the bay to hour-plus rides into Wahoo Bay and Hillsboro Lighthouse. All snorkeling equipment is included, as is safety gear and life jackets.

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Banana Boat Tours

Our banana boat tours are affordable ways for kids and adults alike to enjoy the sights. Hold on as our guide tows you around on a tour of the bay for 15-20 minutes with one of our jet skis (you can also rent jet skis, if you’d like to speed around yourself).

We also offer a special package for passengers who’d like an extended stay and tour of the area. Our Adventure Package is an hour-plus long voyage to Wahoo Bay and the Hillsboro Lighthouse. We even offer tours of the area’s best snorkeling sites, where you’ll be able to view the breathtaking world under the sea — yes, we provide all snorkeling gear and life jackets!

American Watersports is a stickler for safety, which is why it’s a top priority for every banana boat ride from the moment it leaves the dock. We’re certified drivers, offer safety equipment to all passengers, and give pre-trip guidance and instructions to further guarantee everyone’s security on the tour.

But don’t mistake safe for boring; we’re also in the business to give everyone an entertaining trip. Perfect for kids’ birthday parties, afternoon trips, and more, a banana boat tour is the best mixture of fun and safe.

The best view of Fort Lauderdale is from the sea of one of our banana boats. In addition to banana boats, we also rent a variety of other watersports vehicles, and offer jet ski tours and SUP tours. Call us at (954) 946-1811 to request a ride on a banana boat or reserve online.