Your Fun Doesn’t Have to End When the Summer Does

Summer is drawing to a close. Hopefully, you have some fond memories to carry with you long after its conclusion. Just because the summer season is winding down, doesn’t mean that your fun adventures must take a back seat until next year, though. At American Watersports, we offer jet ski rentals, stand up paddle board rentals, and kayak rentals that you can enjoy year-round. Our membership packages can provide you with a more cost-effective way to enjoy some water sports the whole year through.

Add Some Water Sports Adventures to Your Summer Beach Trip

It’s finally summer and time to look forward to that relaxing beach vacation in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you are a local and need a break from your everyday life, or are planning on traveling to the area for your family’s annual getaway, American Watersports can help you enjoy an adventurous escape. Our water sport rentals will provide you with a one-of-a-kind view of the area that you won’t forget. Keep reading to learn more about our beach rentals we hope you will consider for your upcoming trip.

How to Enjoy Some Fun Water Activities on a Budget

When families or individuals splurge on a vacation, there often isn’t much spending money left over after you pay for the trip and its associated costs. If you are going on a trip to the beach, then you should be able to enjoy some fun vacation activities while you are there! American Watersports believes that families on a budget shouldn’t have to miss out on fun water sports. Here are some ways we try to accommodate guests who are budgeting their money. 

3 Fun Activities to Try During Your Fort Lauderdale Spring Break

It’s time to finalize your plans for spring break if you haven’t already! Whether you are local to Fort Lauderdale or would like to escape south to warmer weather, there are beautiful beaches and fun water adventures awaiting you. American Watersports provides rentals for some spring break memory-making activities for you and your group. Here are three things you can try on your visit to Pompano Beach.

3 Reasons to Rent a Kayak for Your Next Beach Vacation

Kayaking has many physical and mental health benefits, in addition to being a fun recreational activity. American Watersports offers several kinds of watersport rentals, including kayaks, to experience those benefits on your next Florida vacation. Here are three good reasons to grab a paddle, head to the water with a kayak rental, and enjoy the great waters of Pompano Beach for a day of fun activity with American Watersports.1. Boost Your MoodJust like any physical workout gives you an endorphin-filled feeling of accomplishment, kayaking is a physical activity that will release this chemical into your body. Endorphins are known to relieve stress and pain and trigger a positive feeling in your body. When you combine that with being outdoors, it is even better for the soul. 2. The Perfect Vacation WorkoutPaddling a kayak is a fun activity that also happens to be a great workout. You will get cardio exercise while improving … Continued