Fun in the Sun: 3 Tips for Enjoying Water Sport Rentals with Kids

Whether you are planning an upcoming family trip to the Fort Lauderdale area or you live locally, creating memories for your children to last a lifetime is always a top priority. And there’s no better way to experience some fun in the Florida sun than to embark on a water adventure. American Watersports offers rentals for an afternoon of fun for the whole family, whether you prefer a jet ski rental, kayak rental, or stand up paddle board rental. In this article, we’ll explore three tips to help you enjoy your water sports rental with your children.

Get Ready for Spring Break: Which Water Sport Suits You?

Spring break is right around the corner, and now is the time to plan for some fun in the sun. Pompano Beach offers various activities to give you a break from your usual grind, including water sport rentals from American Watersports. Whether you are a planner who prefers to solidify a daily itinerary or someone who likes to go with the flow, you can add something fun and energizing to your spring break lineup. Let’s explore our water sport rentals, and you can determine which adventure sounds more like your ideal way to spend an afternoon.

A Kayak Rental Offers a Therapeutic Escape from Holiday Stress

The holiday season is a magical time for many, but it can also stir feelings of stress and anxiety. If you find yourself in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, consider American Watersports for a therapeutic break from your daily activities. Our kayak rentals are the perfect balance of relaxation and physical fitness, allowing you to enjoy some quiet moments of introspection on the water. This immersive experience will provide the necessary dose of serenity as you escape the holiday festivities for some self-care, even if just for a brief moment. 

Why Fall Is the Perfect Time to Rent a Jet Ski in Florida

Let’s face it: southern Florida doesn’t experience much of a fall season with cool, crisp temperatures like most other areas of the country do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a fall break here with some fun outdoor activities. It means you get to indulge in the same water sports you engage in all summer while those in more northern regions are moving their jet skis into storage for the year. American Watersports offers a variety of water sport rentals, and we’ll share a couple of reasons why fall is the ideal time to rent a jet ski. 

Which is Better – Stand Up Paddle Boarding or Kayaking?

When you are planning some activities to enjoy time in the water on your upcoming vacation or near your Fort Lauderdale home, consider stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. On the surface, they may look like they would provide you with a similar experience, but they each have their own benefits. American Watersports offers both of these activities in our lineup of water sport rentals that can grant you a unique view of the local landscape. Let’s go over the main differences between these two activities and how they can benefit you in their own way.