Whether you are planning an upcoming family trip to the Fort Lauderdale area or you live locally, creating memories for your children to last a lifetime is always a top priority. And there’s no better way to experience some fun in the Florida sun than to embark on a water adventure. American Watersports offers rentals for an afternoon of fun for the whole family, whether you prefer a jet ski rental, kayak rental, or stand up paddle board rental. In this article, we’ll explore three tips to help you enjoy your water sports rental with your children.

Water Sport Rentals1. Choose the Right Activity

Make sure you choose an appropriate activity for the ages of your children. You can rent a jet ski with children since jet skis can comfortably seat up to three people. Older children can paddle on their own in a kayak, or parents can rent a double kayak to bring a child along for a great bonding experience on the water. Stand up paddle boarding is easy to learn, and older children can pick it up quickly.

2. Go over Safety Guidelines 

Take the time to go over some safety guidelines with your children before you even get out on the water. Of course, children and adults should always wear life jackets while engaging in water sports. At American Watersports, we will go over safety measures and proper techniques with you and your family for each of our rentals.

3. Bring along the Essentials 

Don’t forget to bring all the essentials for your water adventures, such as sunscreen protection, which is a must in the intense Florida sun. You can bring a phone or camera to capture your memories, but you may want to invest in a waterproof case. Also, bring plenty of cold drinking water to stay hydrated. 

Let the Fun Begin! 

American Watersports wants you to have an experience with your family that you will never forget. Contact us today at (954) 946-1811 to make your reservation for any of our water sports. We offer specials and rental memberships to help you save money and make the most of your time on the water. Our rentals are available in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and the surrounding Florida communities.