When you are planning some activities to enjoy time in the water on your upcoming vacation or near your Fort Lauderdale home, consider stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. On the surface, they may look like they would provide you with a similar experience, but they each have their own benefits. American Watersports offers both of these activities in our lineup of water sport rentals that can grant you a unique view of the local landscape. Let’s go over the main differences between these two activities and how they can benefit you in their own way.

Rent a stand up paddle board or kayak on your next Florida tripIs Stand Up Paddle Boarding for the Pros?

Some people have the misconception that stand up paddle boarding requires skills that must be learned through significant experience. In reality, stand up paddle boarding requires no experience and can actually be mastered quickly thanks to the stable, wide boards. This sport offers a fun way to get a workout, using many of the same muscles as kayaking and your legs. Stand up paddle boarding does require more focus as you challenge yourself to remain standing! 

Is Kayaking Just a Leisure Activity?

Kayaking is a deceptive workout, masquerading as a leisure activity. If you spend the afternoon in a kayak, you might not even notice how many muscles you are using and that you are increasing your heart rate for some cardio. At the same time, kayaking is relaxing and provides the best shoreline view under the sun’s rays. If you prefer a lower-impact workout where you are sitting down, kayaking is perfect for you.

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American Watersports offers different sport rental options to enjoy relaxing on the water and even get a bit of a workout. You can choose stand up paddle boarding to experience more of a challenge or kayaking if you want something that feels a little more like relaxation. Contact us today at (954) 946-1811 to make your reservation for any of our water sports. Our rentals are available in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, and the surrounding Florida communities.