Q: I would love to get a kayak rental in Fort Lauderdale for the day but I’ve never done it before. Is kayaking a hard sport to pick up?
A: Our kayak rentals make kayaking fun and easy! After a few minutes of being in your kayak you should start to get the hang of paddling; most people learn in minutes just by trying it out!

Q: I am looking for kayak rental in Florida while I am on vacation. How much would a single or a double kayak cost?
A: American Watersports offers competitive pricing for kayak rentals. If you are not a member, taking a single kayak out for an hour will only cost $15 plus tax. For double the fun, grab a friend and a double kayak at only $25 plus tax.

Q: Do some people use kayak rentals for exercise?
A: Yes. Many people use their kayak rentals as a way to get exercise and fitness into their day. A kayak rental is a great way to exercise while also enjoying the ocean, the beach and the scenic views.

Q: What types of kayak rentals in Ft Lauderdale do you offer?
A: We offer both single kayak rentals and double kayak rentals, so whether you want to kayak solo or with a partner, we have the rental for you.