How to Enjoy Some Fun Water Activities on a Budget

When families or individuals splurge on a vacation, there often isn’t much spending money left over after you pay for the trip and its associated costs. If you are going on a trip to the beach, then you should be able to enjoy some fun vacation activities while you are there! American Watersports believes that families on a budget shouldn’t have to miss out on fun water sports. Here are some ways we try to accommodate guests who are budgeting their money. 

3 Fun Activities to Try During Your Fort Lauderdale Spring Break

It’s time to finalize your plans for spring break if you haven’t already! Whether you are local to Fort Lauderdale or would like to escape south to warmer weather, there are beautiful beaches and fun water adventures awaiting you. American Watersports provides rentals for some spring break memory-making activities for you and your group. Here are three things you can try on your visit to Pompano Beach.

Why You Should Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

You might be surprised to learn that paddle boarding, and specifically stand up paddle boarding, has been around in different forms for thousands of years. The current form of the activity became popular in Hawaii less than 100 years ago when early surf instructors used it as a way to keep an eye on their students and has been enjoyed by millions of people ever since. American Watersports is your Fort Lauderdale destination for stand up paddle boarding, with paddle boards available for you to rent or even purchase. Here are some reasons why you must try stand up paddle boarding.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is Easier Than You Think!

American Watersports in Pompano Beach, FL, provides exciting new ways for beachgoers to enjoy the water. From thrilling jet skis, to ocean kayaks, to beach furniture, we offer it all. One of our most popularly requested rental items is the stand up paddle board (SUP). Not sure if an SUP is right for you? Keep reading!

Buy the Gift That Keeps on Giving: A Stand Up Paddle Board!

This holiday season, invest in a gift that keeps on giving: a stand up paddle board (SUP)! When you buy an SUP, you are investing in a healthier lifestyle, lasting memories, and endless hours of fun. Why bother with trinkets and unwanted gadgets when you can give a gift that benefits the whole family? Stop by American Watersports in Pompano Beach to check out our inventory of Smooth™ paddle boards today.