More than 15 years of successful redevelopment has helped transform Fort Lauderdale Beach from a seasonal tourist spot to a year round, world class family resort destination. Fort Lauderdale Beach is a family friendly beach destination in recent years, and one of the great family activities you can enjoy at Fort Lauderdale Beach is jet skiing. Whether you decide to bring your own jet skis to Fort Lauderdale or decide to rent one after you arrive, you cannot go wrong spending a day or maybe your entire vacation jet skiing along Fort Lauderdale Beach. From your jet ski, you get a new perspective of the people and sights of Fort Lauderdale, a city that is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2011. You can cruise the shore, watching people as they play or lay in the sun or swim in the waters. (And we have to say it….watch out for swimmers venturing into deeper waters if you are on a jet ski!) We think that see Fort Lauderdale Beach by jet ski is definitely the way to go. One of the most unique sights from your jet ski rentals in Fort Lauderdale is the multi-million dollar real estate located along the shore. While you can see the mega hotels or resorts, the private properties often owned by Hollywood starts or millions are sometimes even more extravagant. Sometimes you can even see a huge yacht anchored off shore of the property. Fort Lauderdale is known for their extravagant yachting community, which may make your jet ski look small but no less fun. Many companies located right in Fort Lauderdale Beach or nearby Pompano Beach offer affordable rates on a jet ski rental in Fort Lauderdale. You can find great family jet skis that fit up to three people, so more people can have fun all at once. With several miles of jet ski area along Fort Lauderdale Beach, you have more than enough room for a family or individual jet ski adventure in Florida. Note, however, that most jet ski rental companies enforce minimum age requirements to operate a jet ski but that jet ski passengers typically do not have an age restriction. Although we recommend that parents with young children exercise caution before allowing them to board a jet ski. Another fun jet skiing opportunity is to take a jet ski tour in Ft Lauderdale, which includes areas of the Intracoastal Waterway that runs through Fort Lauderdale. On the tour, you can also see many of the millionaire homes and yachts we mentioned previously in addition to the inlet and ocean tours. Check out the many jet ski tours available at Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida. Through the cooperative efforts of residents, businesses and local government, Fort Lauderdale Beach has been successfully transformed into a beautiful, friendly and exciting destination that families can enjoy year round. You can find no better way to have a Florida adventure than to see Fort Lauderdale Beach by jet ski rental. With the wind in your hair and sun beating down on your face, you will feel the thrill of ocean around you and the power beneath you. Your whole family will enjoy jet skiing at Fort Lauderdale Beach, so call us at (954) 946-1811 to book your jet ski rental, kayak rental, or sail boat rental today!