Ready for that cold weather to start melting away? Maybe you’re in a warm climate but you’re still ready for a little respite? Well, you’re in luck. Spring is coming, and it’s not too early to start planning your Fort Lauderdale getaway. To get you started, here are a few vacation tips from your friends at American Watersports.

Fort Lauderdale Tips1. Set a budget early.

Before you start planning the ultimate Fort Lauderdale getaway, make sure you set a budget on how much you’d like to spend on vacation. That way, you can determine what type of accommodations you can afford, how much to set aside for meals, and what activities you’d like to prioritize.

2. Do your research.

Too often, families plan how they will get to Florida and where they’ll stay, but they don’t research what to do once they get there. Often, they end up spending too much time on vacation wondering what to do other than the beach. Don’t waste precious vacation time. Instead, do your research in advance, and plan some possible activities you might like to do once you get here.

3. Don’t drag your feet.

Sometimes, spring break sneaks up on people. However, if you know now that you want to get away, start booking your accommodations, and reserve your jet ski or kayak rentals. Fort Lauderdale is a popular spot for spring breakers, and we don’t want you to miss out because you waited too long.

4. Search for deals.

The earlier you start planning, the sooner you can be on the lookout for special offers on hotels, flights, rentals, beach experiences, and more. At American Watersports, we offer regular specials on many of our rentals, including jet skis, kayaks, and more. Keep an eye out for a deal that works for you and your vacation budget.

5. Look beyond the beach.

We love the beach. In fact, for most of our staff, our lives revolve around it. However, there’s much more to do at the beach than just bathing in the sun. Consider some local watersports to get you up and active, making memories for years to come. As the area’s premier rental company, we recommend that you check out our SUP, jet ski, and kayak rentals, or consider joining one of our tours. You can still enjoy the sunny Florida shore but amp up the fun while you’re at it.

To find out more about American Watersports and our rentals, contact us today at (954) 946-1811. We’d be glad to answer your questions and help you make a reservation.


photo credit: Lima Pix via flickr license