When it comes to kayaking, our customers are full of questions. But the good news is that our team at American Watersports doesn’t mind answering them. We love what we do, and we’re glad to put our customers’ minds at ease. So in case you have a few questions about renting a kayak, this blog is for you.

Kayaking Questions

Is kayaking difficult?

At American Watersports, we encourage our customers to give kayaking a try. Most people only need a few minutes in one of our kayak rentals to get the feel for paddling and balancing the kayak. So if you’re a little wary, don’t be worried.

Do you have single or double kayaks?

Kayaking is a very personal watersport, and we’ve found that you either like to do it with a friend or try it alone. Much of that depends on your personality. But the good news is that no matter your preference, we have both single and double kayak rentals here at American Watersports.

Why get a kayak rental instead of an SUP or jet ski?

Choosing the right rental is really based on what type of experience you want. If you’re interested in a fun, go-at-your-own pace water activity that also allows you to enjoy health benefits and take in the views, then kayaking may be just right for you.

Do you offer any kayaking specials?

We do offer kayaking specials on occasion, so be sure to check out our current rental specials for the latest deals and discounts.

How can I reserve a kayak?

Easy. All you have to do is contact American Watersports at (954) 946-1811, stop by our Pompano Beach location, or book online at your convenience.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay