Climbing into a kayak for the first time can be overwhelming and downright intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be! If you review a few tips before your first time out on the water with your kayak rental, you’ll be ready to paddle with the pros in Fort Lauderdale. Holding the Kayak Paddle Beginners commonly hold their paddle backwards because they don’t realize there’s a wrong way to hold it. The part of the paddle that is concave or smooth should face towards you. This is the part you will pull through the water. Many paddles are also asymmetrical, and the design makes a difference to the success of your paddling efforts. If there is a longer edge on the blade, this should be at the top when you’re holding the paddle, and your hands should be just over shoulder width apart. Paddling the KayakKayak Rental Fort Lauderdale As you begin paddling, make sure you sit upright with your feet against the foot supports. Your body will rotate as you start stroking forward, but don’t lean over to the side unless you’re ready to jump into the water. If your paddle is in the water on your right, you want to have a strong grip on the paddle with your right hand and a loose grip with your left. As you transition to paddle on the left side, your control grip will be on the left and loose grip on the right. Continue paddling this way, and you’re off to a good start! Renting a Kayak in Fort Lauderdale American Watersports offers both single and double kayaks to enjoy the experience solo or with a friend. Whether you’re looking for fitness or fun, it’s your decision what type of kayaking trip you have. If you prefer a less active watersport, try one of our jet ski rentals or tours. Contact us at (954) 946-1811 to make your reservation today!