Kayaking has many physical and mental health benefits, in addition to being a fun recreational activity. American Watersports offers several kinds of watersport rentals, including kayaks, to experience those benefits on your next Florida vacation. Here are three good reasons to grab a paddle, head to the water with a kayak rental, and enjoy the great waters of Pompano Beach for a day of fun activity with American Watersports.

Watersports Kayak Rental

1. Boost Your Mood

Just like any physical workout gives you an endorphin-filled feeling of accomplishment, kayaking is a physical activity that will release this chemical into your body. Endorphins are known to relieve stress and pain and trigger a positive feeling in your body. When you combine that with being outdoors, it is even better for the soul. 

2. The Perfect Vacation Workout

Paddling a kayak is a fun activity that also happens to be a great workout. You will get cardio exercise while improving your upper body strength through the use of the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back. Kayaking is a great way to maintain your workout routine while you enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the beach on vacation. 

3. A Dose of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential to our immune system and the overall health of our bodies. You can take supplements, but the best way to get vitamin D is to spend some time in the sunshine. While you are boosting your health with the physical activity of kayaking, you can also activate vitamin D in your body. As a bonus, you will end up with a nice tan to show for it!

Reserve Your Kayak Today

Whether you are kayaking for fitness or fun, remember to reserve a spot for outdoor activities in your Florida vacation plans. Let our kayak rentals get you out of your vacation rut and into the water. Contact us at (954) 946-1811 with questions, or reserve a kayak online in Fort Lauderdale. We also offer the following rentals for your other vacation entertainment needs: jet ski rentals, SUP rentals, and beach furniture rentals.