Add some much needed fun to your Fort Lauderdale vacation with a jet ski rental from American Watersports. Adventure seekers of all ages will enjoy the thrill of cresting the waves while soaking in the sun and sights. A one-hour jet ski rental will produce memories that last a lifetime. Need more convincing? Continue reading to learn five reasons you should rent a jet ski during your Florida vacation.

Jet Ski Rentals

1. Great Views

Fort Lauderdale is beautiful. The city, beaches, and parks are some of the most gorgeous in the state. The best views of the area, however, are only available from the water. Jet skis provide one-of-a-kind access to areas like Millionaire Mile and the Boca Inlet. Truly, there is no better way to explore the coast than with a jet ski.

2. Gets the Adrenaline Pumping

Did you know the release of adrenaline improves long-term memory? That’s right: an afternoon outing on a jet ski can actually make your vacation more memorable! As such, a jet ski rental infuses your vacation with fun while simultaneously creating lasting memories for your family. 

3. Single and Group Fun

American Watersports provides jet ski rentals that can safely hold up to three riders. So whether you are traveling alone or in a group, we have a workable option just for you. Our jet skis offer a great opportunity for young children and timid riders to get out on the water in a safe and enjoyable manner. Likewise, singles can explore the area at their own pace. 

4. Experience Not Required

Learning to jet ski is simple and attainable for riders of all ages. A basic cruise around the coast requires very little skill or physical ability. With just a few tips from our staff, riders ages 14 and up can have the time of their lives out on the water. 

5. Unique Experience of the Water

Many folks find the ocean intimidating. While a healthy dose of respect is appropriate, don’t let fear keep you from enjoying Fort Lauderdale’s most beautiful asset. A jet ski allows visitors to experience the water in a safe and exciting way without actually having to get into the water. 

Reserve Now

A jet ski rental from American Watersports will transform a good vacation into a great one. We offer affordable rates and regular specials on jet ski rentals, so all families can enjoy some fun out on the water. For more information, call (954) 946-1811 or request a reservation now.