When visiting Florida, guests are often overwhelmed with the number of tourist populated vacation spots. If you are looking for a location most tourist don’t know about, try visiting one of Florida’s best kept secrets. Today we would like to let you in on this coveted destination, North Ocean Park. North Ocean Park, located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Pompano Beach, Florida is only about a fifteen-minute drive from the popular vacationing spot of Fort Lauderdale. This beach isn’t the place to find lots of shops and restaurants, but this is what tends to make it more remote and appealing. If you are looking for a quieter beach where you can spend your day reading and basking in the sun,  you have found it at North Ocean Park. An interesting attribute North Ocean Park has to offer is that it is one of Florida’s most populated areas for kite surfers. People come to Pompano Beach from all over to engage in this tranquil activity with fellow enthusiasts. The people visiting the area for the beach don’t seem to have a problem with it either, most guests believe the kites souring through the sky makes it picture perfect and adds to the relaxing atmosphere that already surrounds the park. Kites aren’t the only attraction North Ocean Park and Pompano Beach have to offer, they are also home to the Hillsboro Lighthouse. You can walk to the jetty and the inlet to get a closer look. This is a great way to explore the beach too. Take notice of all of the beautiful ocean homes lining the coast just beyond the dunes. It will take you about twenty minutes of light walking to reach the jetty and your great view of the lighthouse. You’ll even be able to see it beaming its light for all to see. You can even visit this destination on your Fort Lauderdale jet ski rental. Visiting by water on a jet ski rental allows you to not only enjoy the visual benefits of the Hillsboro Lighthouse, but also the warm Florida water systems. If you wish to partake in these exciting activities contact American Watersports Inc. With its three-person capacity, a jet ski rental makes a perfect getaway for the afternoon with a few friends to see the Florida coast from a new angle. Not only do we offer the cost efficient jet ski rentals we also supply Florida visitors with our paddle board rentals, kayak rentals and sailboat rentals. We even offer beach furniture rentals so that you can relax comfortably on the beach following an afternoon of playing in the water.Call us at 954-946-1811 to book your jet ski rental, kayak rental, or boat rental today!