Experience the Florida Everglades like never before on an airboat tour through Gator Park. Gator Park is home to these unique airboat adventures, as well as wildlife shows in the Everglades National Park. The tours are scheduled throughout the day, every day, and are narrated by professional Everglades’ guides. On these tours, you will see a variety of air, land, and water animals including great blue herons, egrets, osprey, snakes, deer, and of course alligators.

The Airboat Tours

You’ll start your tour in the Everglades canal; the guides begin pointing out the animals right away. An alligator that goes by the name of Jumbo is one of the first you’ll see when traveling through the canal. You will also pass a replica of a common fishing camp used by Indians, and a structure made of palm and cypress wood, called a chickee. You’ll then head for the river of grass. Here you won’t see any dry land except for tree-covered islands. You may not realize it, but the water in the Everglades doesn’t stand still; it travels very slowly from north to south. The tours bring you down one of the world’s largest and slowest flowing rivers.

The Gator Park Animals

As stated earlier, there are a number of different animals you will see while visiting the park, many of which are endangered or threatened.


You’ll see large wading birds, such as the roseate spoonbill, great blue heron, white ibis and a variety of egrets, as well as the osprey.


The Everglades’ marine life includes more than 200,000 alligators, as well as American crocodiles. Fish are in abundance like the large-mouth bass, redfish, snapper, bluegill, and catfish.


Other wildlife in the Everglades includes the white-tailed deer, more than 28 different snakes, some of which are venomous, and even the endangered Florida panther.

Wildlife Shows

Viewers of the wildlife shows at Gator Park get the unique opportunity to witness the barehanded technique used by Indians to capture alligators. You will even get a chance to hold a small alligator at the end of the show. Gator Park is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Rates are $22.99 for adults and $11.99 for children. This price includes Gator Park admission, the airboat ride, and the wildlife show. If you get an adrenaline rush from being up close and personal with Florida nature, we recommend reserving a jet ski rental tomorrow. Jet ski rentals are another way to get your blood pumping, just like the gator park airboat tours. Satisfy your need for speed by calling American Watersports in Fort Lauderdale and reserving a jet ski rental today.