A big part of any vacation is figuring out unique opportunities you will have that you don’t normally back at home. Today we’d like to tell you about one of these opportunities – sea turtle walks! First, a little bit about sea turtles. Nesting season in Florida is just around the corner, from March through October. And nearly 90% of all sea turtle nesting in the United States takes place in the state of Florida!

About the Process:

Turtles normally put about 100 golf ball size eggs into the sand. They leave the buried site and re-enter the water. Interestingly enough, the crawl tracks left by the turtles are always made by the females as the males never leave the ocean. Incubation takes about 45-55 days. After incubation, you’ll see the hatchlings begin to emerge from the nest and head towards the water. Once in the water, the baby sea turtles will swim directly out to sea where they will continue on to adulthood. It truly is a breathtaking sight to witness. One turtle walk in Florida is offered through the Museum of Discovery and Science. These walks are mostly in June and July and run $19 per person. Your whole family can watch as a 300-pound Loggerhead turtle will venture out of the ocean to lay her eggs. Despite long distances, she may venture to the original beach where she was hatched years ago. After witnessing the turtle hatching her eggs, you’ll talk with staff that will answer questions about nesting, hatching, and conservation. You’ll then head to a Fort Lauderdale beach to see nesting grounds to look for these creatures to see if any will be hatching that were laid previously. Another sea turtle option is to visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center at West Lake Park. Here you can see an hour-long slide presentation and lecture before accompanying a naturalist for a hatching release. You’ll get to experience firsthand what these tiny creatures face when first venturing out to sea. We hope you take time during your Florida vacation to head to either the Museum of Discovery and Science or the Anne Kolb Nature Center to experience the life of turtles for your very own. And also remember to check out a Fort Lauderdale jet ski rental from American Watersports for a fun time out on the water. Florida is a great vacationing spot for the whole family and American Watersports has what you need to make your next Fort Lauderdale vacation a memorable one. Contact us today at 954-946-1811 to get started.