SUP RentalYou can find so many fun things to do in Pompano Beach, FL, so how do you narrow it down? Well, our crew at American Watersports can’t make up your mind for you, but we can give you a few reasons why you should try out paddle boarding.

1. Try something new.

If you’ve never tried a stand-up paddle board (SUP), then you’re in for a treat. Just about anyone can paddle board, regardless of age, fitness, or skill level. You don’t need to have previous SUP experience in order to give it a try. With a few tips from our expert staff and a bit of practice, you will look like a pro in no time.

2. Explore the shore.

A paddle board doesn’t require deep water or waves. You can easily cruise close to shore, searching for water creatures or checking out the Fort Lauderdale beach dwellers as you go.

3. Reap fitness benefits.

You don’t have to be buff to enjoy paddle boarding. However, while you’re having fun, you will enjoy some fitness benefits as you paddle through the water. So you can skip that arm workout for the day and rent an SUP instead.

4. Make some memories.

If you’re in Pompano Beach with friends or family members, bring everyone out to American Watersports to join an SUP tour. We’ll get everyone equipped with an SUP and show you some of the sights of the greater Fort Lauderdale area.

Don’t knock paddle boarding until you’ve given it a fair chance. To find out more or to make a reservation, contact our staff today at (954) 946-1811, or book online.