Fort Lauderdale is best experienced from the water. Enjoy the best view of the area with a kayak or SUP rental from American Watersports. Are you new to watersports? Not to worry! Here are some tips to help you choose whether a kayak or SUP rental is the best option for you.

Fort Lauderdale SUP and Kayak Rentals

Length of Time on the Water

Consider how long you plan to be out on the water before deciding which kind of watersport rental is best for you. If you are only looking to fill an hour or so, both SUPs and kayaks are a favorable choice. If, however, you want to spend several hours out on the water, a kayak rental is probably the more comfortable option. Likewise, kayaks are typically more comfortable and easy to control in rough surf.


Another factor you should consider is how fast you want to go on the water. If you’re okay with taking a leisurely pace, a SUP rental is a good choice. Alternatively, for those who want to race or cover a lot of water quickly, a kayak is hard to beat. The aerodynamics of kayaks, combined with the double-sided paddle, make kayaking the faster option. 

Exercise Benefits

Paddle boarding is a great form of low impact, full body exercise. Propelling yourself through the water engages your entire body and serves as an incredible form of cardiovascular exercise and balance training. Kayaking, on the other hand, primarily engages the upper body. Kayaking may be a good alternative for those with poor balance or lower body impediments. 

Ease of Learning

Paddle boarding may look intimidating to a beginner, but it is actually an incredibly easy sport to learn. Paddle boards are wide and long, which makes tipping them an unlikely occurrence. And, if you do happen to fall off, the stability of the board makes getting back on relatively easy. Kayaks, however, are easier to tip and more difficult to mount while in the water.

Reserve Your Rental Today

At American Watersports, we offer great low rates on kayak and SUP rentals. No matter which rental option you choose, we know you’ll have a blast and make lasting memories. For more information, contact us at (954) 946-1811 or reserve your rental online today!