If you’ve already visited Gator Park in the Florida Everglades, we’d recommend your next stop be Shark Valley. Shark Valley is located in Everglades National Park, near Fort Lauderdale, in the middle of the “True Everglades”, or the area that stretches 100 miles from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico. Shark Valley is an interesting and educational Everglades adventure your whole family will enjoy.

Shark Valley Tram Tours

A great way to see Shark Valley is by taking a tram ride. Shark Valley Tram Tours offers a two-hour tour led by a park-trained naturalist. Once on board, you will be introduced to the area and the wildlife inhabiting it. Besides giving insight into the ecosystem as a whole, your guide will also help to point out some of the ‘hidden’ aspects, which help make up these world-renowned wetlands. The open vehicles allow visitors to view wildlife within the saw grass prairies on either side of the tram.

The Shark Valley Observation Tower

Halfway through the trip, you will be given the chance to get off the tram and take a walk up the spiral ramp to the platform of the Shark Valley observation tower. This is an absolutely perfect place to get a view of the heart of the Everglades and the marsh. You are sure to have a number of animal sightings as you visit Shark Valley, especially from the observation tower. Animals including herons, white ibis, mockingbirds, zebra butterflies, deer, turtles, snakes, frogs and of course alligators are popular sightings in Shark Valley.

Bicycling Through Shark Valley

A great way to travel at your own pace through Shark Valley is by bike. There are 15 miles of bicycling trails that loop around the Everglades. This is a great way to relax after an exhilarating day on the ocean on a jet ski rental.  Just make sure you pack plenty of water to drink along the way, as well as your camera for all the great photo opportunities the park presents. After a day on land exploring the Everglades and Shark Valley, hit the sea on a jet ski rental from American Watersports Rentals. Our jet ski rentals and jet ski tours are available in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and the surrounding Florida communities, and are perfect for a fast, wild afternoon of fun. Get some friends together and head to the water with a jet ski rental in Pompano Beach. Contact us today at 954-946-1811.