The SUP—otherwise known as a stand up paddle board—is a relatively new phenomenon in the watersport world. But many of our American Watersports customers are already catching the SUP rental excitement! An SUP is best described as a combination of a surfboard and kayak. The rider stands on the SUP, and then gently glides through the water with the use of a paddle. An SUP is made of thicker material than a surfboard, which makes it more stable and able to move through the water with ease. Here’s a video we found that gives the basics on using an SUP. You can paddle your way along the Florida coast, gliding along as you enjoy the sun and surf. Our SUP rentals are great for all ages and all fitness levels. We’ve seen everyone from kids to adults try their hand at an SUP and fall in love. Our rental shop even carries new stand up paddle boards available for purchase, in case you just can’t leave Pompano Beach without one! Previous experience isn’t required before you book an SUP rental. However, if you’d feel more comfortable with a guide, we do offer two different paddle board rental tours. This option is great for SUP newbies, groups, or just exploring the Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale coastal areas. Still curious about our SUP rentals? Contact us with your questions by calling 954-946-1811. We will gladly answer your questions and help you make an SUP rental reservation. In addition to our paddle boards, American Watersports carries a wide range of watersport rentals, including jet ski rentals, kayak rentals, and more. Check out our current specials, and let us make your Pompano Beach experience be filled with lots of watersport fun.